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Step 1

Free Dental Consultation via WhatsApp

Are you experiencing dental problems but hesitant to visit a dentist due to the fear of high consultation fees? Don’t worry, our clinic is now offering free dental consultation services through WhatsApp.

We understand that some patients may feel hesitant to seek dental care due to financial concerns. That’s why we have decided to offer our expertise through WhatsApp for free. You can now contact our dentists for a quick consultation from the comfort of your own home.

Step 2

Welcome to Kuşadası

Upon their arrival to Kuşadası, our patients are provided with VIP transfer services from the airport to either our clinic or their designated hotel. This ensures a comfortable and hassle-free transportation experience, allowing our patients to focus on their treatment and recovery.

Step 3

Doctor’s Consultation and Planning Of The Treatment.

After the x-ray is taken, a dental examination is performed. Upon making a treatment plan, patient consent is obtained and treatments are started. The starting time for treatment is usually scheduled as the second day after arrival, depending on the time of arrival in Kuşadası. If problems such as gum diseases, caries, root canal treatments occur, these problems will be done with local anesthesia before tooth shaving. Additional treatments may prolong the duration.

Step 4

Choosing The Suitable Teeth Color For Your Smile Design

Tooth forms are selected and smile design is made using 3 shape machines, colors are selected together with the patient using hollywood color scale.

Step 5

Last Control and Airport Transfer

After the doctor’s checks are completed, our patients who do not have any complications are transferred to the airport with the approval of the doctor.
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Kemal Gökgöz was born in 1993 in Erzurum and graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the International Humanitarian University of Ukraine. He also has a degree in health tourism and a diploma in Russian Language from Ankara University, and is proficient in Russian and English.

DentistDemet Ustaoğlu

Born in Giresun on 20.07.1990, Demet Ustaoğlu completed her primary and secondary education in Giresun. She has graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2015.Без-названия-1628-×-2000-пикс.-2000-×-2000-piksel.png

Dentistİlayda Atabay

Born in Ankara at 1997. İlayda Atabay completed her highschool education at Manisa Science High School and attended Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Dentistry in 2015. In her student years she also worked part time at dental clinics in Kuşadası. At 2020 she graduated succesfully from her faculty. After graduation she has worked in Kuşadası until now and specialized at Aesthetic Dentistry which includes zirconium veeners, laminate veeners, masseter and gummy smile botox applications and composite bonding. She routinely performs these and other general dentistry procedures.

The Dental

Selfie Smile is a well-established dentist in the heart of Kusadasi providing excellent dentistry for the whole family. Our priority is making you feel comfortable and at ease in a safe and welcoming environment.

We’re a friendly team of dentists working together to ensure that you receive the best treatment that you require.

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Copyright 2023 Selfie Smile Dental Clinic. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 Selfie Smile Dental Clinic. All rights reserved.

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